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Women in construction

26 April 2024

While numbers have steadily been rising with the construction workforce at 15.8 percent female in April to June 2023, up to 1.2 percent on the previous quarter. The Office for National Statistics have noted a slow but steady increase continuing since, Certsure acknowledge there is still a long way to go. Certsure actively encourages women to explore careers in the trades. They believe businesses have a critical role to play by fostering inclusive environments and dismantling barriers for female workers.

Certsure, through its brand NICEIC, provides industry-leading certification and support services for the building sector, empowering individuals to excel in their chosen trade. Here, Louise Frame, NICEIC Area Engineer, who began her journey as a young apprentice, retells her experience and offers crucial advice for younger women considering a career in construction. After completing some work experience at the age of 16, Louise knew straight away that she would pursue a career as an electrician:

“I left school at 16 and completed a four-year electrical apprenticeship with a large NICEIC-certified business. When I began my electrical career in the mid-90s, there were very few females working within the building industry, and even fewer working within the electrical realm.

“The number of females working in this sector has increased significantly in recent years but is still very much a minority of the workforce. Times and attitudes in the construction industry, and in society, have changed for the better and, these days, all that matters is your ability to do the job, as it should be.”

Louise rose up the ranks, with her ambition and tenacity a clear driving force, quickly stepping into an electrical management role. Now, in her eighth year as an NICEIC Area Engineer, and previous winner of the Ian Marsh award for Technical Excellence, she continues to excel in her career.

Louise was keen to encourage interested women to pursue a career in electrical installation: “This sector is crying out for highly motivated electricians. It’s an exciting time to get involved and there’s a place for everyone. Go for it! It is honestly such a great career and there’s never been a better time to join the industry. Give it a try, you won’t look back.”

Certsure is urging women interested in a career within construction to reach out and begin their career in electrical installation today. Louise adds: “Throughout my career, I have always regarded NICEIC as the leading electrical body that promotes electrical safety and upholds high standards. As an employer, the company is very supportive and encourages individual ambitions and always looks to drive standards. We all work together as a team and everyone is treated the same, exactly as it should be.”

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