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Free mental health training

13 March 2024

In a proactive move to address mental health concerns within the electrical industry, Certsure has announced its sponsorship of Electrical Industries Charity’s (EIC) new online learning portal.

This industry-led initiative sets a new precedent for mental health awareness within the electrical sector. By providing free training resources, it enables young professionals to take charge of their mental health.

“We are delighted to sponsor this essential initiative,” said Certsure People Director Frances Barnes. “Equipping future generations of electrical professionals with the knowledge and skills to manage their own mental health and support others is crucial. This portal will be a valuable tool for the next generation of electricians.”

Features of the portal

Mental health awareness training, which is designed to raise awareness of mental health, identify signs of struggle, access support resources, and promote open conversations.

Mental health first aid, which will equip learners to recognise common mental health issues, provide initial support, and guide individuals towards professional help.

Suicide first aid, which aims to empower participants to identify suicide warning signs, intervene effectively, and create a safe and supportive environment.

Access to well-being seminars. These monthly inspirational talks will feature expert speakers on diverse well-being topics, offering practical strategies to encourage self-care.

Jess Vailima, Managing Director at Electrical Industries Charity commented “I am thrilled NICEIC is supporting our online learning portal. Mental health awareness is of great importance in our industry. By offering free training and resources, we are not only prioritising the wellbeing of apprentices but also fostering a culture of support and understanding within the electrical community. Together, we are taking a proactive step towards building a healthier and more resilient workforce.”

Electrical apprentices and students can access the learning portal at eictrainingco.org.