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Child Safety Week 2024

3 June 2024

This Child Safety Week 2024 (3–9 June), NICEIC, the UK’s leading certification body for the electrical industry, is taking the opportunity to remind families to prioritise electrical safety in their homes.

The theme for the week, which is run by Child Accident Prevention Trust, is ‘Safety. Sorted!’. This provides an opportunity to remind homeowners of the importance of using a qualified and competent business to complete electrical work in the home.

NICEIC recommends the tips below for parents and guardians to help keep their children safe around electricity.

Teach children about the dangers of electricity
Parents and guardians are advised to explain that electricity can cause serious injuries.

Avoid using damaged electrical equipment

Parents and guardians should avoid using any electrical equipment that has frayed or damaged cords.

Keep electrical cords out of reach
Electrical cords and leads should be kept out of reach of children.

Avoid overloading sockets
Only use one extension lead per socket-outlet to avoid overloading outlets. An extension lead should never be plugged into another extension lead, if more outlets are required consider having additional socket-outlets installed.

Inspect regularly
Homeowners are advised to regularly check electrical cords, light switches, plugs and socket-outlets for damage and have any faulty items repaired by a NICEIC-certified business. Homeowners can find NICEIC-certified businesses through the ‘Find a trusted NICEIC tradesperson’ tool.

NICEIC Technical Director, Paul Collins, said: “By working together, we can ensure safer environments both inside and outside of the home for children, minimising the risk of accidents occurring. We recommend that any form of electrical work should be managed by a qualified, certified professional business, such as those listed with NICEIC.

“Child Safety Week is a timely reminder of the importance of electrical safety education and there are simple measures that can be put in place to ensure that families stay safe.”

For more information, visit:
– capt.org.uk for information about Child Safety Week
– niceic.com to find out more about NICEIC’s services
– niceic.com/find-a-tradesperson/ to find a certified tradesperson.