gender pay gap

Gender Pay Gap Report

Certsure has a clear policy of paying employees equally for the same or equivalent work, regardless of gender or any other characteristics:

• We carry out pay and benefits audits at regular intervals
• We evaluate job roles and pay rates as necessary to ensure a fair structure
• We internally publish banded pay structures for roles within the business to ensure consistency.

The government has introduced gender pay gap reporting for all UK companies with 250 or more employees. The aim of the gender pay gap is to show the gap between an organisation’s male and female workforce. Unlike equal pay, which is equal pay for equal work, the gender pay gap looks at all employees and takes an average result irrespective of factors such as job role and responsibilities.

Please read our reports which explain our gender pay gap in more detail, and how we are making sure we are taking action.

To download a PDF copy of our gender pay gap report for 2017
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To download a PDF copy of our gender pay gap report for 2018
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